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Virus Scan Email Services

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Virus Scan Email Services

By utilising SkyScan AV, the world's first e-mail scanning service delivered at the Internet level, which uses multiple scanners and ground-breaking artifical intelligence, Source offers a fully managed e-mail virus scanning service with a 100% guarantee against known and unknown e-mail viruses.


The SkyScan AV service received worldwide recognition for stopping and naming the LoveBug virus, and protecting all of its customers, 10 hours before an official fix was publicly available. The LoveBug virus was detected by Skeptic?, The patented and revolutionary virus scanner that uses artificial intelligence to detect new viruses without the need for signatures.

In addition to Skeptic? - the service also tests each e-mail using a battery of leading commercial scanners including McAfee, F-Secure and Vfind.

The virus signatures for these are checked and updated every 10 minutes to provide the best possible protection at all times.

In addition to providing the most advanced anti-virus screening at a predicable monthly cost, the new service offers a number of additional benefits:

- As a fully-managed service it frees up your own internal IT resources
- No additional hardware or software needs to be installed
- No virus signatures need to be downloaded
- New viruses are detected by Skeptic? even before virus signatures are available
- Statistics quantify the problem, and are available on-line, live through the web
- Hong Kong service centre is alerted instantly about each virus detection
- Money Back Guarantee if virus breakthrough
- Centralised response and co-ordinated follow-up are managed locally

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