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Multimedia Services

Our multimedia team provides the greatest variety of services to our clients. Broadcasting, Games, eCatalogue are three of the most outstanding projects of the team.

Homepage is getting more and more indispensable in corporations. Besides being an interactive interface for outsiders to know more about the company, webpage is also an effective means to promote new product and information.

Shopping Cart: One of our eCommerce product highlights. This eCommerce facility enables your clients to get a virtual shopping experience letting them enjoy a great deal of fun and technology in their shopping.

Hosting: Security and Accessibility are essential to webpages, especially those of business nature. SOURCE provides hosting services with all these elements guaranteed. We offer secured firewalls to protect your valuable information against unwelcome sources, and comprehensive backup services are implemented.

ASP solutions: Emailing, Web Administration, Database Management are three of the main ASP solutions offered by SOURCE. Many packaged and customized solutions are ready to fit different needs and enterprise size.


Broadcasting: Broadband audio and video streaming is ideal for interactive entertainment, e-commerce, corporate, distance learning, and financial market activities. The technology allows enterprises or individual broadcasters, filmmakers and educators to deliver DVD quality video and CD quality audio directly to end-users through MBone, Streaming technologies and the like.

The architecture has been optimised for content broadcasting, web delivery, and video-on-demand, while providing the essential infrastructure for tracking, billing and managing all transactions.

Utilization of video on the Internet is as easy as sending an email. Corporate communication, training, seminars, website enhancement or marketing messages are simply a mouse click away.

Games: SOURCE has acquired a think tank of game technologies and ideas. Great idea and great presentations allow Game projects to be one of the cores of our Multimedia team. Our team is equipped with professionals who are proficient in Flash, Shockwave, Java, DirectX, VB and other game programming tools.

eCatalogue: Getting exhausted to carry a heavy product catalogue? A better idea to utilize eCatalogue in which product details can be accessed anytime and anywhere in an interactive way drawing much of you clients attention!! Using this Economized, Convenient and Effective way to store your essential corporate information can out compete your competitors:

Other solutions: Web Mail Services, online registration system, guest book system, bulletin board system, chat room system, voting & survey system, mailing list system, news publication system, online calendar system, online bookmark system, online FAQ system, advertisement banner rotation system, web site hit rate statistics system as well as system monitoring system.

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