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The days of total enterprise self-sufficiency are long over. Core businesses are complicated enough without having to worry about ancillary services that can be delivered efficiently and economically by outside providers. But reliance on others can increase risk.

That is why businesses need safe, secure - and cost-effective - ways of securing the support they need for day-to-day operations, development and growth.

Providing sustained outsourcing support across the IT and Business areas is one of our core strengths. We tailor our services to fit each client's needs throughout the business lifecycle.


The ability to share and deploy information effectively through electronic learning is one of the most critical challenges for business today. Source eLearning Service working in conjunction with the Video Streaming Technology, is an extremely effective way of enabling successful eLearning for a broad variety of users. The result is not only better quality training, but all the added benefits of a much more flexible, online – “anytime, anywhere” – organization learning environment.

Time is Money

In traditional training, the total expenditure for training is relative high. Of the billions spend in this area, on average only about a fifth is spent on costs that directly relate to the training course. In fact, it is indirect cost (traveling and accommodation expenses for example) that make up the rest of the outlay. What these estimates show is the traditional methods for training are not proving cost-effective.

Even if employers are aware of this, many fail to calculate the full cost of training. If employees are on training courses, then clearly they are unavailable to work for a certain period of time. Often, the hidden cost of temporarily replacing staff is overlooked. Worse, staff may not actually be replaced during the time they are absent. The business is, therefore, operating in a much less efficient way.

What this means for today’s enterprise, then, is that people are clearly one of their most valuable assets. With SOURCE eLearning Services, organizations can easily align their human capital with the rest of their business.

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